Today,PatientSky announced that they will acquire Infodoc by the end of 2020. Infodoc has been an important partner to the Norwegian health care service for more than 40 years, and together with PatientSky, all the elements are in place to develop the health care service of the future.

This acquisition enables us to deliver even better, faster and cheaper health care services to both healthcare professionals and patients, says Group CEO of PatientSky, Johan Zetterstöm.

Uniting forces
Infodoc is one of Norway's leading e-health companies in the development of cloud-based, electronic patient record systems (EPR) for GPs and specialists.-      

We are proud to unite the most future oriented players in the industry and combine innovation with experience. Together we can develop and deliver even better solutions that the healthcare system of the future will depend on, says Zetterström.

Zetterström adds that the acquisition does not involve any immediate changes for Infodoc's customers and partners. All agreements will be continued, and neither customers nor partners need to do anything in particular.

We are pleased to be part of PatientSky. This gives us the possibility to use our experience and innovations to help solve the many and great challenges facing the Norwegian health care service to an even greater extent than now, says Bjarte Ottesen, CEO of Infodoc.

Better solutions and closer coordination
1.8 million Norwegians are familiar with PatientSky through the company's app, which facilitates seamless communication with GPs and other health professionals.

In recent years, PatientSky has invested heavily in the development of an innovative platform that enables third-party vendors to develop applications that function both within the platform's ecosystem and as stand-alone applications.  

The health and care sector is characterized by fragmented procurements and solutions that are largely adapted to each individual actor's needs. PatientSky works to connect the best e-health solutions in the market so that the health care sector can offer better, cheaper and safer treatments to patients. With Infodoc on board, we look forward to working with a number of new customers and partners, says Zetterström.