At PatientSky, we are not the only ones innovating openEHR. In this interesting read, Alastair Allen explains why openEHR is the inevitable future of healthcare system architecture.

We couldn’t agree more – especially the prediction that a data-centric approach will inspire an eco-system of intuitive, user-centered applications to emerge and that no-code/low-code applications will allow citizen developers to build applications safely, using platforms developed and managed by developers and platform engineers.  

”I believe we are at a similar junction now with openEHR as we were with software in 2011. But, just as with software then, we can see that the tide is turning, momentum is growing, and disruption is coming. Over the next ten years, I expect many more healthcare systems to separate their applications from their data, putting openEHR at the centre of their architecture”, writes Allen.

We strongly recommend that you read the article because it gives you a pretty thorough introduction to what openEHR can do. Not just in terms of reduced administrative work for healthcare personel, but also how it enables vendors, clinics and hospitals and governments to establish entire ecosystems of disruptive and innovative services centered around the patient.

Just like our PatientSky 360 platform.

I you didn’t catch the link above, here it is again.