The Board of Directors of PatientSky Group AS (PSKY NO) has appointed Kristian Ikast new CEO of the company.

Ikast succeeds Johan Zetterström, effective from today. The change underlines the board's ambitions for further and accelerated international growth.  

Kristian Ikast will step into the position from his current role as board member at PatientSky with a deep working knowledge of the company, the people and the strategy.

Kristian will also bring a strong and dedicated business mindset, with vast experience from large international corporations and the Danish army. He knows the international market well and what it will take to succeed.  

"We have great ambitions for international growth for PatientSky. Our vision and strategy have not changed. We have already changed our organizational set-up into four focused business units. With the new CEO in place, we will scale up at a faster pace, ensuring implementation and execution of our strategy. We are heading in the same direction as before, but in a higher pace and with greater quality for our customers and their patients", says Jesper Melin, founder and Chair of PatientSky.